FAQ - Paratroc Webstore

Why buying at Paratroc ?

Paratroc has been selling all the paragliding equipment Since 2005, online and in the shop near Annecy. 

Choice of brands

Paratroc is retailer (and often test centre) for many brands like Advance, Ozone, Niviuk, Independence,  Skyman, Kortel, Woody Valley, Nova, Phi,... We also sell most of the other brands. 


Paratroc has thousands of products in stock.


Our prices are always among the best ones of the market. See Paratroc 7 discounts

How to order ?

direct online on the website www.paratroc.com

An advice ?

feel free to ask us by phone or Whatsapp +33 6 17 55 06 89

Who is Paratroc ?

Paratroc - Shop and webstore for paragliding equipment

The company Paratroc was founded in 2005 and started to exchange used paragliding equipment. The company developed thanks to its profesional skills and its website.

Paratroc quickly started to sell new equipment aswell and ship worldwide.

Today, Paratroc is the most famous shop for used equipment in France and one of the most popular websites for paragliding with almost 2 millions visitors per year.

Most popular pages :

online used paragliders rating

para bible

new equipment comparison

The shop test-centre is located 500 meters from the official landing field in Doussard - Lac d'Annecy

What are the shipping companies ? Costs of the shipping ?

 When you check out on the webstore, we propose the shipping companies available : colissimo, chronopost, exapaq, ups...

Shipping costs are calculated depending on basis of weight and destination.

Free shipping to France from 50€, free from 200€ to European union. Real cost shipping to world.

 Shipping companies for France :

•Mondial Relay, 2-3 days

•Chronopost, usually 1 day delivery

•DPD, usually 1 à 2 days 

 Shipping companies abroad : 

•Chronopost, usually 2 à 4 days inside UE, 1 week in Europe, no information outside 

•Coliposte, usually 5 days inside UE, 1 week in Europe, no information outside

What are the means of payment ?

On the webstore, you can pay with credit card or by bank wire transfer

- online secured payment (SSL safe payment by Credit Agricole). None of your bank information is on our website.

We receive money 3 days after your payment (in case we have to cancel part of your order – we can reduce payment not increase, of course)

- Bank to bank transfer : Your order is shipped when we have received money on our account. You receive our Iban once you have confirmed your order.

In the shop in Doussard, you can also pay cash :

- maximum 1.000€ for french residents

- maximum 3.000€ for foreigners

How do I know if the product is really available ?

On the website, you see immediately if the product is available.

"In stock at Paratroc - immediate shipping" – the product is in our shop

"Available at supplier - xxx days" – usually available at the manufacturer or importer. approximative delivery time

"This product is no longer in stock with those attributes but is available with others" – we are not sure that the manufacturer can supply this product, and we prefer not to sell it

Is bank card payment 100% secured ?

Our website registrate only your information about address, email.... we don't even see your bank information because you make payment on our bank website.

Payment / transaction is SSL technology secured (your see small lock on page address), that means that the transaction is made directly on our bank's secured pages (Crédit Agricole). We don't have access to your bank information. We have a bank interface for payments where we can only refund (part of an order, returned products...) or cancel an order.

I don't manage to end payment with card

You need to type your card number, the date of expiration and the code at the back of your card. In order to prevent some one else to use your card, banks now ask for another identification usually sent by SMS or email

Do you handle my order ?

At each step (order confirmation, payment, preparation, shipping) , you receive an email automatically. Check your email box and may be also you spam folder. You find this also in your account.

What guarrantee do I have ?

 Paratroc gives all guarrantees !

•we guarrantee shipping

•we guarrantee products – though all manufacturers have their guarrantee on products. Before sending back a product, ask us procedure (we may ask you to send direct to the manufacturer)

May I send back a product ? Conditions ?

You can send back new products if they don't satisfy you, up to 15 days after you receive your order. The product has to be return as new, the packaging not broken. We refund you product (not the cost of shipping back)

After 15 days, we may accept too but we give you a voucher of the same amount to use in our shop.

We never take back special orders , products on order, special colours, and products that we usually don't stock in our shop.


Buy tax free

French taxes are 20% (except books = 5,5%)

Every citizen that lives outside UE, can decide to pay taxes in his own country (or in the country where he buys) : USA, Switzerland....

In order to sell ex-vat, we need to prove to the tax administration that the product has left UE

•We ship the product : the international shipping form prove that the product has left UE

•you buy in our shop : you receive a tax form to be scanned at Custom services office (système PABLO). We can check online if form is ok and refund you the VAT.

Be aware that you can only refund VAT on new products, not on second-hand ones.

If you live outside European Union, you can buy ex-vat (duty free). In our webshop, all prices include 20% french taxes.

If you want to calculate your price ex-vat : price vat included divided by 1.2

- On the webshop : 

Create and connect to you account on the webshop. If your delivery address is outside UE, prices will automatically be shown without taxes (ex VAT). You can order normally on the webshop.

- If you come to our shop in Doussard or shipped in EU before export :

you pay VAT INCLUDED and you receive a form that you have to scan at French customs office (at border or in a french airport).
We check online that you have done it correctlt and refund you VAT on your card or wire bank transfer (minus 20 euros administrative costs).

formulaire détaxe paratroc


Free shipping (promotion) but I see shipping costs in my cart

Paratroc ship gratis to France from 50€ and to European Union from 200€ purchase.

If you see shipping costs in your order :

- you need to connect to your account (the webshop does not know where you live if not connected)

- you have not reached the minimum order required for free shipping

- your country is not among the countries that may have free shipping

I live outside European Union - What are the shipping costs ?

Paratroc ship everywhere in the world.

Shipping costs costs depends on products and destination :

- you need to connect to your account (the webshop does not know where you live if not connected)

- put products in the cart and close order

Shipping costs are calculated automatically by shipping companies (chronoposte, post office...) . 

Paratroc VIP Card

Paratroc VIP Card is a yearly loyalty card for many Advantages :

- 3 to 5% extra-discount (immediately in cart)

- private offers

- special price on trips and activities of Club Doussard Parapente 

VIP card costs 50€ for the year , when buying it from mid-november, you have following year included.

Get the best discount

In our shop in Doussard and on our online store, you see immediately our discount in the cart : Easy, clear and fast ! You get the best discount we can give you according to the brand and the total amount of your purchase.

The discount are automatically calculated in the cart - see last lines , under products. If you live outside European Union, connect to your account and see all prices without taxes. see duty free procedure

Discount 1 = Discount product

As you see, most of the products are already discounted in the shop

for example (not contractual) = Niviuk Hook 5 - 3133€ instead of 3730€


Discount 2 = Discount pack 2

Pack 2 = paraglider + harness / harness + reserve / paraglider + reserve

When you put 2 products in the cart, you get an extra-discount on top.

for example (not contractual) = Niviuk Hook 5  + 1 advance success 4 = 148€ extra-discount on top of the discounts on each product


If harness + reserve, shackle and mount are free (value = 40€)


Discount 3 = Discount pack 3

Pack 3 = 1 paraglider + 1 harness + 1 reserve

When you put 3 products in the cart, you get an extra-discount on top.

for example (not contractual) = Niviuk Hook 5  + 1 advance success 4 + 1 reserve Niviuk Octagon = 279€ extra-discount on top of the discounts on each product


If harness + reserve, shackle and mount are free (value = 40€)


Discount 4 = discount group purchase

If you put 2 or more paragliders or harness, you get an extra-discount for group purchase (1 payment, 1 delivery).

This discount comes on top of the pack discount

for example (not contractual) = 3 hook 5 = 281€ extra group discount



Discount 5 = discount Paratroc VIP CARD

You can buy Paratroc VIP CARD and receive all year long an extra discount and other advantages.

the VIP card iis 50€


VIP CARD Discount comes on top of all other discounts (not always same discount, it depends on product)   

Yearly card is 50€ for a mean 3% extra-discount on price list (i.e. 112€ on a hook 5 - 200€ on a pack)


Discount 6 = Free shipping European Union

Shipping is free from 50€ in France and from 200€ in European Union. It is a discount because shipping a paraglider costs 30€ in France and 50€ in Europe.              .


Discount 7 = Gift Paratroc

We often put a little present in each order = stickers, cups, wing socks, buff...

We regularly offer a nice present when you purchase a paraglider  =  fastbag, tube bag, t-shirt,...

+ Discount DUTY FREE

French taxes are 20% (except books = 5,5%) - If you live outside UE, you can buy without french taxes.

For example, if you are from Switzerland, you will have to pay Swiss Taxes (8%) = you win 12% on total price.

When you connect to your account, prices are automatically without taxes. 

Do you buy used equipment ?

depending condition, brand and possibility to sell, we can buy used paragliders A and B low, harnesses and reserves.

Feel free to ask us.