Sell second-hand

Paratroc is not a website where you put ads, we are the first french store specialized in second-hand equipment for paragliding.
Paratroc sells on commission or also buys direct your paragliding equipment.

Why selling material at paratroc?

Easier : we take care of everything from control to payment
Faster : we sell hundreds of wings, harnesses, reserves,... per year in all Europe Safer : we guarranty payment

Why do we sell faster ?
- a shop in Doussard, Lac d'Annecy
- big choice = easy for pilots to find the right material
- realtime updated webshop
- advice and experience
- easy secured payment
– for faster and safer transaction
- we guarrantee payment to the seller ...

See also :
- Conditions for consigment
- Faq
– sell your second-hand equipment (see “Help”)
- online rarting for used wings Procedure :
   1. fullfil the form here under
   2. Call Paratroc or send an email in order to confirm if material can be sold and at what price.
   3. Print form twice (one for you - one for Paratroc)
   4. Bring your material or send it by post with the form (printed)
   5. Pay online costs for control (if necessary) :
   6. We call you or send an email to set final price when we have seen your equipment
   7. We sell your material as fast as possible.
   8. We tranfer payment (minus our commission - see conditions)

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