Get the best discount

In our shop in Doussard and on our online store, you see immediately our discount in the cart : Easy, clear and fast ! You get the best discount we can give you according to the brand and the total amount of your purchase.

The discount are automatically calculated in the cart - see last lines , under products. If you live outside European Union, connect to your account and see all prices without taxes. see duty free procedure

Paratroc VIP CARD

You can buy Paratroc VIP CARD and receive all year long an extra discount and other advantages.

Yearly card is 50€ for a mean 5% extra-discount


VIP CARD Discount comes on top of all other discounts   


Discount product

As you see, most of the products are already discounted in the shop


Discount pack 3

Pack 3 = 1 paraglider + 1 harness + 1 reserve

When you put these 3 products in the cart, you get an extra-discount on top.


Discount group purchase

If you put 2 or more paragliders, you get an extra-discount for group purchase (1 payment, 1 delivery).


Free shipping European Union

Shipping is free from 100€ in France and from 500€ in European Union, Switzerland and UK. It is a discount because shipping a paraglider costs 30€ in France and 50€ in Europe.              .


Gift Paratroc

We often put a little present in each order = stickers, cups, wing socks, buff...

Discount DUTY FREE

French taxes are 20% (except books = 5,5%) - If you live outside UE, you can buy without french taxes.

For example, if you are from Switzerland, you will have to pay Swiss Taxes (8%) = you win 12% on total price.

When you connect to your account, prices are automatically without taxes.