Paratroc - Shop and webstore for paragliding equipment - new and used

Paratroc is :

  • the most important shop in France for second-hand material (consigment shop).
  • One of the main shops for new material - all brands, located in Doussard - Lac d'Annecy
  • one of the most famous webshops in France : stock, advice + secured payment. We sell ex-vat for non-european customers.

Paratroc Shop in Doussard is open all year long at 500m from official landing field (aiming to centre village).We sell most of the major brands of paragliders, harnesses, reserves, accessories, instruments...We have in stock thousands of products : paragliders, harnesses and reserves, helmets, accessories,.... availbale immediately.Nous parlons français - We speak english - Parliamo italiano

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