Buy tax free

French taxes are 20% (except books = 5,5%)

Every citizen that lives outside UE, can decide to pay taxes in his own country (or in the country where he buys) : USA, Switzerland....

In order to sell ex-vat, we need to prove to the tax administration that the product has left UE

•We ship the product : the international shipping form prove that the product has left UE

•you buy in our shop : you receive a tax form to be scanned at Custom services office (système PABLO). We can check online if form is ok and refund you the VAT.

Be aware that you can only refund VAT on new products, not on second-hand ones.

If you live outside European Union, you can buy ex-vat (duty free). In our webshop, all prices include 20% french taxes.

If you want to calculate your price ex-vat : price vat included divided by 1.2

- On the webshop : 

Create and connect to you account on the webshop. If your delivery address is outside UE, prices will automatically be shown without taxes (ex VAT). You can order normally on the webshop.

- If you come to our shop in Doussard or shipped in EU before export :

you pay VAT INCLUDED and you receive a form that you have to scan at French customs office (at border or in a french airport).
We check online that you have done it correctlt and refund you VAT on your card or wire bank transfer (minus 20 euros administrative costs).

Be Aware - if you order on the website from abroad but you want to come and pick the goods at the shop - you must pay with VAT (our website is stupid and do not make difference where delivery is made) - Solution :

- Create a second address  - in France called Paratroc - 178 Route du pont monnet  74210 DOUSSARD - tel 0450640232  

- Choose delivery at this french address  - price should be with taxes

- we give you tax form and refund when you pass customs

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