Sell used equipment

We only accept products in good condition and wings have to be checked. 
We don't sell used helmets, flying suits, shoes...
We sell on commission, but also buy cash leisure equipment in good condition.
Steps for selling used paragliding equipment at Paratroc :
1. Fulfill the sales-form
2. Call Paratroc in order to confirm if material can be sold and at what price.
3. Print sell-form in 2 exemplars (one for seller – one for Paratroc).
4. Bring your material or send it by post with the form
5. Pay by card deposit costs and control (if needed)
6. We call you or send an email when we receive your equipment (we confirm price after check).
7. We sell your equipment as fast as possible
8. We pay you the product by bank transfer (or cash at Shop), sell-price minus our commission
If you sell your equipment yourself, we take no commission
We set selling price according to model, wear and demand-offer for this kind of product.