Services Paratroc for selling used paragliders ? cost ?

Services Paratroc
Paratroc services include :
- Reception of your products
- Visual check (with you if you come to the shop)
- Storage (space & insurance) + data processing
- Promotion (web, ads,...)
- Negociation and payment
- Shipping to purchaser
You can take back your equipment any time if you have found a buyer or changed your mind.
Price for our services
Paratroc earns a commission when we sell the product.
When you leave the product at us, we set the selling price and the commission.
Usually, our commission is around 20% on paragliders and 30% on other products.
This commission includes our negociation with buyer (our final commission is often around 10-15%)
In case that the product is difficult to sell, we can lower the price for the seller up to 20% every year.