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Sys’Nav XL: compact technology!

Simple, light and efficient
This was quite challenging: Meet the expectations of pilots who wanted to keep the compacity of the SYS'Nav while benefiting from the functions and technologies of the SYS'Evolution
The first technical lines of this instrument took shape in 2018. Listening to the pilots and the retailers, we felt that the perfect instrument was in the association of the SYS'Nav versatility (robustness, reliability, ease of use, battery life, installation on the risers...) and the SYS'Evolution performance (large screen, perfect readability, functions, connectivity...). This was an ambitious specification which gave us much more work than we had imagined first!
We had to use our 10 years experience to fit in the size of a SYS'Nav  all the technology to meet the expectations of the pilots without any sacrifices. In search of each available square millimeters to make the most complete and performing instrument possible.
The result is clear, the SYS'Nav XL is today the most versatile and lightest instrument on the market. Whether you are a beginner, an XC pilot, a Hike’n’Fly pilot, a Vol Bivouac pilot, an adventurer, a PPG pilot or a competitor, the SYS'Nav XL will be an ideal companion during the entire career of a pilot.
This new product does not come alone, in addition to the very innovative instrument that we are going to introduce, Syride also announces a new mobile application as well as new functions on the website!
As you can see, the whole team is really excited to present in this press kit the result of countless hours of design and development for the greatest pleasure of pilots.

SYS’Nav XL’s on-board technology

A new generation screen:
This is the first thing you’ll notice when you’ll take a SYS'Nav XL in your hands! 30% larger than its little brother’s, the 2.7'' screen has an active matrix reflective technology similar to the one used in the SYS'Evolution. The advantages for the pilot are clear:
- Optimum readability outdoors (the more sun, the more contrast)
- Lower consumption (80% less than a traditional screen and no need for backlighting)
Moreover, the resolution of the screen (400x200 pixels) has been dramatically improved (22 times more precise than the SYS'Nav V3 screen) with a spacing between each pixel of 0.147mm (by comparison, it is 0.152mm on the SYS'Evolution). The pilot can display more information and details on the same screen. The display is also more pleasant to the eye.
Screen customization is therefore much more versatile, with a wide choice of sizes, resizable items, the ability to add text and frame.
The SYS’Nav inherits items from the SYS'Evolution such as the much-appreciated thermal assistant, the competition route summary, the vario graph...
To simplify the pilot’s tasks and limit in-flight handlings, we have added the possibility to change the screen automatically depending on the current flight phase: Thermalling, in transition, approaching an airspace or approaching a waypoint’s cylinder.
The pilot can now focus on flying instead of manipulating buttons in flight.

A more powerful speaker than on the SYS'Evolution:

Integrating a loudspeaker to find the same kind of sound as on the SYS'Evolution was complex. We wanted to keep an output on the front face which allows to avoid losses. In spite of the bigger screen, we managed to put a 1 Watt speaker (0.5 Watt on the SYS'Evolution) while respecting the manufacturer's recommendations to obtain the most perfect sound possible!
The pilot will thus have the pleasure to hear the sound of a more harmonious and softer vario. Custom configuration is always possible with our online tool.

Versatile Bluetooth connectivity:

With our experience in the connectivity of the SYS'Evolution, it was difficult to imagine a new instrument without Bluetooth. It remains for us the best compromise to connect to the internet and use peripherals on a flight instrument. Here is an overview of pilots will be able to do with Bluetooth:
- Live tracking on syride.com : https://www.syride.com/en/live (with Syride application using GPS data from the instrument)
- Send your flights automatically to your Syride profile as soon as you land and upload your IGC file to contests (via Syride application)
- Get inflight wind reports on your instrument (via application Syride)
- New : Scan the QR Code of a navigation route to send it in the SYS'Nav XL (via Syride application)
- New : Share Vario and GPS data with 3rd party application (such as XCTrack or FlySkyHy) to save battery of your phone/tablet Currently only working with XCTrack
- New : Connect to external peripherals…
This connectivity brings a lot of versatility to the instrument and allows to meet the expectations of many pilots (competitors, Hike’n’fly, XC, ...).
The next chapter is still to be written thanks to the connectivity of the instrument and leaves open many perspectives of evolution for the instrument...

USB-C connectivity:

Expected for its simplicity of use and its reversibility, the SYS’Nav XL has now a USB type C plug. A new plastic injection mold had to be produced to support these new evolutions (screen, speaker, USB...).
The file management has also been completely revised! It will be possible to communicate with the SYS'PC TOOL software as before, but also to access the flight data (IGC files) as if a USB disk had been connected.
The pilot gains in convenience, he will be able to use his existing phone or action cam cable to connect the instrument and will not have to use the SYS'PC Tool software to access the flight files.

A more powerful battery and a dedicated charge manager:

The surface of the electronic board has been reduced to accommodate a battery with a capacity 40% higher than the SYS'Nav (850mAh against 600mAh), it is essential to meet the needs of the very energy-hungry speaker. It is the level of the sound volume and the activation of the sink sound that will have the most impact on the battery life of the SYS'Nav XL!
The addition of a dedicated charge manager allows to have a very precise state of the battery charge value. Voltage variations will not affect the displayed information.

Thinner Velcros and featherweight:

New thinner and lighter velcros have been adopted on the SYS'Nav XL for its attachment (risers or cockpit). Despite the addition of new technologies, the instrument is now thinner and lighter than a SYS'Nav V3 by 10%! It weighs only 81gr including the attachment system.

New Syride Mobile App

This new app will soon be available on Android and Apple and will perform several functions:
1) Connect your SYS’Nav XL to the internet The Syride application allows you to exchange information from the internet with your SYS'Nav XL.
This means:
- make the pilot visible on the Live Tracking
- display Ground station’s Wind information on your screen
- transfer flights to your Syride profile as soon as you land
- Perform instrument updates
- download navigation routes available online via a QR Code for example These functions are designed to simplify the pilot's life and improve safety.
2) Setting up your SYS’Nav XL
Need to change an advanced parameter of your instrument on a take-off? The mobile app includes all the settings available on the SYS PC TOOL software. You no longer need for a computer if you want to change the vario filtering or the airspace pre-violation distance! Really helpful when you are traveling for example.
3) Create a route from your mobile phone
Making a route from a flight instrument has never been easy. The app makes creating a navigation route much more convenient and intuitive. The pilot will be able to create a route from the application and then transfer it to his instrument. Even better, if the route is available online, he can download it and send it to his instrument… on the take-off.
4) Pair multiple devices simultaneously to the SYS’Nav XL
If you want to connect several devices at the same time, the application will act as a Hub. Therefore, for example, the pilot will be able to use the Syride application for livetracking and use XCtrack at the same time. This will allow adding external Bluetooth addons. The App features roadmap is much more complete than what we introduce here and we plan a lot of new and unique features that pilots will be discovering over the months.

3D is coming on syride.com

This will make more interactive the visualization of the flight data on syride.com by integrating the views in 3 dimensions.
The result should please a large number of pilots because it allows to easily relive flights in a very immersive way! You’ll need a recent computer for a smooth replay. Otherwise, recent smartphones are much more performant, and should be able to replay your flights. Currently the 3 dimensions visualization is available on these pages:
1) SYS’Nav XL flight tracks replay
Replay your flight made with a SYS’Nav XL in 3D and display the most useful information (altitude, ground speed, vario, Above the Ground altitude). The settings menu accessible by clicking on the icon on the top left allows to display the name of the cities, the full track, the speed, set the replay speed and choose the map layer.
2) 3D global live tracking view: https://www.syride.com/en/live/3d
The "access the live replay" button allows you to go back in time over the last 24 hours. In case you missed the beginning of the action! Please note displaying "short tracks" and/or "full tracks" will require a more performant computer, in relation to the number of tracks loaded.
3) Individual livetracking (SYS’Evolution, SYS’Nav XL or Syride app)
4) Recently published flights (for all Syride instrument) : https://www.syride.com/en/recents/3d
See at a glance the flights that have taken place on earth during the last 24 hours. The list of flights is also visible in the left menu with a classification by country.
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