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Video advices for choosing or using paragliding equipment - french

Tube bags et compress bags - Revue et utilisation

Montage secours sellettes Advance Success et Axess

Conseils pour choisir une sellette light rando ?

Comment installer le kit calepied accélérateur Advance (axess, success, progress)

Conseils pour choisir sa sellette Parapente ? (type, taille, poids...)

Presentation - Fast Bag Paratroc(sac pouf, sac corolle)

Presentation Compress-Tube bag Paratroc - 2 en 1

Compress-Tube bag Paratroc - wing attached to harness

How to put vario in the softcase/holster

Tip don't mix lines (paraglider or reserve)

Fold paraglider (inner bag only)

Tube bag Paratroc (sauciss bag, magic bag, concertina bag...)