In stock at Paratroc

You might know already but the lead time to get gear is very long since covid started because the demand kepts going up and the factories stopped their production for more than 6 month.

Paratroc is trying to anticipate that demand by ordering many wings and harnesses. The average lead time for the manufacturers is around 4- to 6 months, we recieve this spring everything that we ordered at the end of 2021's season.

On every product page you can see the stock in real time (careful, it changes in function of the size AND color).

Here down below the wings and hanesses that we preordered (for the others just look on the product pages).

See stock per color and size on product page.

En stock Advance

Alpha 7 tailles 22/24/26/28/31

Pi 3 tailles 23 - Arrivage 21 en fin aout

Axess 4 tailles S - Arrivage M  L juillet

Success 5 tailles S - Arrivage M L juillet

Easiness 3 tailles S - Arrivage M juillet

Strapless 2

Iota DLS taille 23 et 29

Weightless S - arrivage fin juillet

Epsilon 9 taille 24 et 28

lightness 3 - Arrivage mi-aout

Stock Niviuk

Koyot 4 tailles 24/26/28

Skin 3 P tailles 18

Kode P taille 18 20 22 24 26

Ikuma 2 P taille 24

ikuma 2 et Hook 5 - Arrivage fin juillet

En Stock Phi

Sola light tailles 18-20-22

En stock Kortel

Kruyer 3 tailles S-M-L-XL

Kliff 2 tailles L-XL

Kolibri evo  M/L/XL - arrivage septembre