Paraloc : Rent a Paraglider

PARA-LOC - has been renting paragliding equipment for 10 years, in Doussard, .... Rent for 1 day , 1 week.... paraglider , harness, reserve....

PARALOC is not  renting for a year (leasing) : why?

We have calculated, calculated again, and again, with the best dealer prices and our used network.... leasing is never a good deal compared to buying cash (or even credit) a new or even an used paraglider. And especially if the dealer buys you back your old paraglider (like we do). Renting a camper for a week or two is interesting, but if you stay 6 months in your camper ... you'd better buy a camper !


What for - for who ?

Pilots' habits have changed these years: they fly less, differently,they want to diversify practice (XC, mountain, walking, speed-riding, skifly,...).T
The pilot who flies occasionaly with light material. A second material is too expensive compared to the few times he will use it...
The pilot who flies occasionaly in tandem with his wife or friends...
The pilot who has a performant wing for flat land (uk, NL...) and who wants a safer glider to fly in the Alps.
The pilot who comes for holidays and who doesn't want to take his material in the car or he comes with the plane...
For similar reasons, He can hire a camper for the holidays or rent a motorbike during a weekend.
Now with PARA-LOC, he can rent a paragliding equipment for a weekend, a week...
Which material?
PARATROC proposes to rent:
- all ENA and ENB, tandem and light wings available at Paratroc
- most of the harnesses (except pod harnesses)
- reserves
The price depends on the material you want and for how long you rent it (40-70€ per day).
Call us for more information on material available and prices.
Conditions : 
You have your flying licence ( in your country)
You have an insurance
You have your tandem licence (only for renting tandem material)
We don't send material, for safety reasons (we evaluate the level of the pilot) and we don't want a pilot renting us a wing for a trip in Marrocco (you can imagine). You have to take (and bring back) the material at our Shop in Doussard (Lac d'Annecy), but you fly wherever you want in the Alps.

How to book?

Call 00 33 (0)4 50 64 02 32