Paratroc, How does it work ?
Paratrocc is not a website for ads, we are a consigment shop.
Consigment : pilots leave equipment at our shop, we sell it for them, that means that we have an independant advice.
Paratroc is the biggest shop for used equipment in France.
Buying used paragliding equipment at Paratroc is EASIER, FASTER and SAFER !
- easy : you find everything at the same place with a profesional advice
- fast : with online payment and fast shipping, you receive your equipment very fast in all Europe with money back guarrantee
- safe : no risk about tricky deal, Product are guarranteed by Paratroc
Advice and independance
The best deal is when you buy the right equipment (no mistake on size, category...) and when you re sure that the transaction is honest (money back guarrantee).
At Paratroc, advice comes before price, because it is stupid to buy cheap if you buy an equipment that does not suits you.
Therefore, we take time to discuss with you about your experience, your ambitions, your preferences.
As the material is not ours, we have an independant advice and can always find a more suitable one.
Paratroc refuses 30% of the wings that pilots ask us to sell. The equipment is checked, controlled if necessary (by an independant workshop) and rated according to our online rating system.
As we don't own the material, we never force buying this or that wing, we always have another possibility.
What kind of equipment does Paratroc sell ?
We only accept equipment in good condition, used wings need to be checked (less than 6 months before).
We don't sell used helmets, flying suits, shoes...
How to order/book an used equipment on the website ?
Before buying, you'd better ask us by email or phone. We want to prevent you from buying a wrong equipment.
1. Have a look at the lists
2. call us or send an email to confirm : category, total weight in flight, delivery time...
if ok, buy it online if you want us to ship it to you or pay deposit « booking Payment » if you are going to come to our shop (you pay the rest at the shop)
What are the shipping costs ?
Of course, shipping costs depend on the weight and the destination of the shipping . you see costs at the end of order 
How can I be sure if the equipment is in good condition ?
First of all, we are profesional : we must guarrantee the condition. All dealers must take back the equipment if there is something wrong with it when you receive it. 
As the material is not ours (but to pilots), we don't have to cheat. 
A private pilot who absolutely wants to sell his « broken » wing can cheat you. 
Paratroc refuses 30% of the wings that pilots ask us to sell, we only keep the best ones.
Are the lists on the website updated ? 
Our data base is real-time updated, that means that when we sell a product, it immediately disapear from the shop.
Is the product in stock at Paratroc ?
All used equipment is in stock in our shop in Doussard (Lac d'Annecy).
Some demos may not be in stock yet, ask us for availability and delivery.
How can I be sure that the price is fair ?
The price of a product depends on how old it is, how used, and supply-demand.
The value of a product may be different that the « real value » , i.e. A competition wing looses value very fast.
We have developped a « online rating tool » that you can use in order to have an idea of the commercial value of a used product. You can also ask us.
I would like to see the product – I would like to test-fly
All used products are at our shop in Doussard, Lac d'Annecy, which is the most famous french spot for freeflight.
You can see or test fly during opening hours : you take the product for maximum 2 hours for a flight or a check on landing field (500 m.). The pilot is responsable for damaging the product.
What guarrantee does Paratroc give on the used equipment ?
If the product is not under manufacturer's guarrantee anymore, Paratroc gives a 3months extra-guarrantee : in case of hidden problem or if the condition is different than what we have told, we take back the material and refund it.
In the fact, defects are most of the time guarranteed by manufacturers, up to 6 years sometimes, others don't advertize on this but have a lifetime guarrantee on defect (not on wear). Wear is never guarranteed.
Paratroc undertakes to provide products meeting standard requirements and to deliver a product in the condition described in the product information.
More information in our sales conditions.
What happens if I don't like the product ?
We take time to advice you, in order to help you making the best choice.
For a new product, you need to send it back as new and in original packaging. For a used, it is more difficult, beacause it has already been used. In case of defect, we take it back but not if you don't feel well under the wing or else... we need to prevent cheaters that would fly 1 week in marocco and then send us back the wing.
We prefer to see you at our shop, but if you decide to buy by mail-order, you take that risk.