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Kit tree landing & first aid

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Safe Tree Kit
The lightweight bag for tree landing...

all parts are attached to bag , bag is attached to harness. In case of tree landing, you have all you need, but bag has place for your knife, light...


- 1 lightbag with clip closing + 1 line for attaching to harness

- 1 strap 180cm + carabiner (Edelrid) , to fix yourself (harness) to the tree

- 1 line 30m (for helping rescue) + whistle

- 1  First aid kit (packed waterproof):

a. 14 adhesive plasters of various sizes

b. 2 sterile compresses

c. 1 roll of adhesive plaster

d. 2 rolls of gauze

e. 1 pair of sterile gloves

f.  1 Emergency blanket (thermal)

Dimensions: approx.12cm x 17cm x 6 cm (rolled up), weight 315g

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