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Niviuk - Skin 3 P

single surface

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SKIN 3 P even better than skin 2 P

more stable, faster, more fun

    16 18 20
ALLONGEMENT À PLAT m2 5,5 5,5 5,5
SURFACE À PLAT m2 16 18 20
  PROJETÉE m 13,52 15,21 16,9
ENVERGURE À PLAT m 9,38 9,95 10,49
CORDE ENVERGURE m 2,04 2,17 2,29
SUSPENTES TOTAL m 251 267 282
  PRINCIPAL   2/3/2/2 2/3/2/2 2/3/2/2
  ACCELERATEUR mm 45 45 45
POIDS TOTAL VOLANT MIN-MAX Kg 60-85 70-90 85-110
POIDS DE L'AILE   Kg 1,6 1,8 2
VOLUM D'AILE L 10 10,65 11,3

Paratroc’s review – Niviuk Skin 3 P test – fun and stable… the feather of the mountains !

Test report in flight of the Niviuk Skin 3 P (conf : size 18 / 70-90 kg, with easiness3, total weight = 88kg) – single skin (glide made for high mountains and small top to bottom flights and more)

5.5 aspect ratio – 45 cells – 1.8kg – EN B – 3 available sizes 16-18-20m²

The Niviuk Skin 2 was one of the best sellers, now the skin 3 shall follow the same path.

On ground :

The size 18’s weight is 1.8kg. It’s not the lightest one but heavy enough to get a nice, stable, and uniform glide.

Indeed, the shape of the wing is not a single skin anymore with cell walls only (the skin 2 had some closed cells). Here, we got a double surface leading edge with a shark nose, and for each cell, we got a thin cell opening (for information, the end of the tiny cell is not closed) + 3 cells stabilo closed.

The rest of the glider is a “traditional” single skin = pointy cell walls, very cutted. The shape is clear and harmonious, the wing seems delicate but not fragile.

She begs you to fly… this “last prototype” version doesn’t have all the tools announced that’ll be on the definitive version = little spikes (with their pouch) to hook the glide in the snow, the blocking system of the C and Ds to prevent the glide from inflating in strong wind.

Lineset :

4 lines risers, 7 low-level lines uncoated, 4-5 upper-level lines and 3 levels, the double cell has got 2 lines in the middle and 1 for the rest of the glider.

The risers are thin, made of 7 mm soft Dyneema strap marked with colors and codes to prevent from fasten the glide the wrong way. The hanging point is black (coated) and 1.5cm wide, I would have preferred 1 more so I can hook it easier.

The brake handles are smooth straps with a little clip attach (way better than a Velcro), ceramic ring with a coated strap (good).

A trim let you accelerate (trimmed = neutral), it has a little flick to prevent from flapping.

Ground handling :

Little ground handling at Planfait’s take off with a 5km/h wind, the glide is soft and doesn’t rip off… inflation is like in a dream, easy to center, doesn’t surpass you. But with a stronger wind, she gets nervous, or even frivolous because the glide is so light.

Bonus, she shines in the light (cf. pics)

Take off :

Take off with a small side wind, inflate smoothly and steadily, the glider raises up without even touching the risers, no surpassing, feeling easy, like we don’t even have a wing.

The wing is adapted for hard take off, short or ventilated because she immediately takes care of me even with my 88kg under the 18m²… I got to admit that I didn’t get that sensation even with some double small surfaces.

In flight :

The glider is smoothed wile pitch, but fun to roll.

Great speed, although the strong wind I keep going and succeed to center thermals easily without some weird movement that often happens with single skin.

You can feel all the air, but it doesn’t shake that much, the glide doesn’t move when you pitch, but the moves are precise for rolling, what a pleasure.

The turns are instant and there is absolutely no shoot after a 360.

Front wind, she goes slower than a double skin, but it’s still good. There was a lot of strong wind, but I didn’t feel like I was shaking or anything, the glide keep it smooth.

A little inconvenient, when the glide is fully untrimmed, she moves, but loose all her smoothness : I don’t feel very comfortable, even if there is no danger, the glide stay still but pitch more.

Maneuvers :

>>>> pitch : you need to go for it, but it’s precise and self-stabilizing.

>>>> ears : haven’t tried.

>>>> Dynamic turns : the glider does the turn without inertia neither annoying moves, it’s dynamic and precise but exit without shooting.

>>>> Thermal turns : the glider reacts like a double skin, easy to center a thermal even with a lot of wind.

>>>> Landing : lands with a great, smooth angle, so satisfying.

Global grade = 4/5

Niviuk did a great job on that one, it’s easy to create a double skin, but harder to improve the behaviour of a single skin. Some want to buzz with a <1kg paraglider, but they only consider The Run, not The Fly. The Skin 3 P (as the Skin 3) are wings with a Zen behavior in turbulences and satisfying to use, whilst offering a ridiculously small size and weight.

The Skin 3 fits well for every pilot, whatever their skill that want a second glide for hike & fly, mountain flights, soaring, traveling… the wing that you forget in the car trunk and use it to enjoy the perfect moment…

Excellent take-off, good speed, stable in pitch, fun and smooth turns…what else ?

I give a 4/5 rating for all the progress Niviuk have done with that glider, they’ll be soon be able to make them even faster… up to now, this is the must !

Category - Paraglider .EN B
.Non Homol.
Activity - Paraglider Hike
Weight selection 1.5
Category Paragliders Brand Niviuk