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Category - Paraglider .EN A
Activity - Paraglider Leisure, Paramotor, Beginner
Level in the Category Middle
Wing Standart


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The new beginner's wing Cruiser4 - Less weigth and considerably enhanced gliding performance compared to the previous model. The beginner's series Cruiser has been popular for years and now has been revised for the third time in order to let it start into the new season with improved features.

The beginner's glider Cruiser4 (LTF/EN A)

The independence test pilots once again have focused on even small details: obeying latest trends, they reduced the weight, so that Cruiser4 at size S and 26m² surface weighs only 5.0kg.

Even though we didn't save on anything, when building Cruiser4. Especially reagarding the performance - by slightly raising the stretching to 4.77 a distinct improvement of the gliding performance has been achieved. Cruiser4 is classified 
LTF/EN A, nevertheless it is everything else but boring.

A well-balanced and smooth handling, that transforms every little steering pulse without any surprises into slope and turning radius, and naturally outstanding take-off characteristics describe this glider. Cruiser4 behaves confident at strong thermals, but sensitive at low thermals.

One f the features of Cruiser4 is its suitability as paramotor wing. By assembling the optionally available hybrid raiser, Cruiser4 is an excellent paramotor wing for up to 170 kg.

A perfect companion for the practice slope, long thermal flights, first distance flights as well as for paramotor use.

  • Modern wing design
  • Less lines concept: only 3 carrying straps per side and 2 lower lines per carrying strap make it easy to assort lines and additionally reduce the air drag
  • Precise diagonal ribs for best aerodynamic performance
  • Nylon rods for weight reduction and precise shape constancy
  • Clearly labelled risers
  • We only use high grade material of renowned manufacturers for our wings
  • Accurate production in one of the most advanced manufacturing plants

Size XS 23 S 26 M 29 L 32
cells 34 34 34 34
surface measure (m²) 23 26 29 32
wing-span projected (m) 10,65 11,14 11,76 12,35
stretching measure 4,77 4,77 4,77 4,77
trim speed (km/h) 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1 38 +/- 1
max. speed (km/h) 47 +/- 2 47 +/- 2 47 +/- 2 47 +/- 2
weight range (kg) 55 - 80 70 - 95 85 - 115 105 - 135
weight range motor (kg) - 95 - 120 110 - 140 125 - 170
certification category (EN and LTF) A A A A

Subject to change without notice.

Essai du pack Independence Cruiser 4 (A+) - Sellette Logo Pro - Secours Smart L > Deutsche Qualität
j'avais essayé séparément... le tout c'est encore mieux

la Cruiser 4 rivalise tranquillement avec une Alpha 6 , bien qu'ayant sa propre personnalité : plus sage sur le petit débattement, plus énergique si on enfonce la poignée (alors que l'Alpha est plus linéaire) , cette Cruiser a le même débattement que la Buzz z5, l'homogénéité et la facilité de l'Alpha 6. Question qualité de fabrication, Independence a déjà fait ses preuves, de plus, les suspentes sont très grosses et toutes gainées. La Cruiser 4 est fournie avec un compressbag (sac interne avec fermetures éclair latérales) et un bon sac de portage copié sur le comfortpack 2 de Advance.

La sellette logopro est aussi comfortable et précise qu'une Advance Sucess 4 , c'est un peu la Golf comparée à l'Audi, mais la différence de prix (400€) fait réfléchir.

je n'ai pas essayé le secours  mais on ne présente plus independence qui est la société la plus innovante en secours (avec aussi sa marque skyman)

bref, ce pack vaut environ 3.000€ et vous en avez franchement pour votre argent !


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