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now delivered with carbon ring foot rest and pod protection (under speedsystem)

option 1 : pod footrest carbon board

option 2 : with sak 80L or hike and fly 60L

option 3 : with Top pocket for sak

Kolibri EVO, the legend continues ...

After 7 years, the Kolibri remains a reference in the world of lightweight cocoon harnesses. Undefeated in terms of comfort and lightness, it still offers the largest storage capacity on the market, highly appreciated in bivouac flying.

We have therefore improved a few remaining details, to offer you an even more intense flying experience with the Kolibri EVO.

Open thigh

Possibility to open the left thigh, for an easy donning of the harness. Connection system from the Kolibri PRO (X-Alps).

Internal pocket

An elastic pocket located under the reserve parachute. Allows you to carry external batteries, or small equipment easily accessible in flight.

Reserve attachment

New simplified reserve riser attachment system for parachutes with integrated risers (Karré or Rogallo type).

New emergency handle

Handle still accessible but less prominent to limit the risk of being snagged by lines during take-off

T-Bone links

Comes standard with T-Bone links for a light and strong connection to the wing.

Cocoon closure

New cocoon closure to connect simultaneously the risers and the reserve risers using the Konnect system.

Sliding shoulders

New sliding system for the shoulder lines to make it easier to sit and more comfortable to stand.

Light carabiners

New geometry to replace the T-Bone links by lightweight carabiners (model available separately).

Backup connection

Konnect system for connecting the rescue risers to the harness. Colour code: red = left / green = right

The Kolibri EVO will be available soon, but you can already order from your favourite dealer.

The lucky owners of Kolibri will be able to upgrade their harness to take advantage of all these improvements. A visit to our workshop will be necessary.


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