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Paratroc - XC Pee kit + 3 penilex

Pee in flight - start kit

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The Paratroc Pee Start Kit comes with 3 condoms, a tube, a pee pocket and an universal connector. The tube and the pocket is reusable, you can purchase additional condoms in packs of 10 or 30.

Tube and pee pocket

Sterile pocket reusable.

contenance  = 1500 ml - emptying valve

Tubulure =  90 cmuniversal adaptator

2 ways to use it :

1. you cut the tube near the pocket and use the pee system with tube out of the pod (pee on friends when flying)

2. you put the pee pocket in the harness - ballast pocket under the seat)

delivered with 3 universal Penilex  : 

long latex auto-adhesive condoms


Length : 10.5 cm.
Length of adhesive band : 
3.6 cm

width = 30 mm

you can use this penilex condom with any tube on the market (paratroc/ XC...)

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