Why selling used paragliding equipment at Paratroc?
Paratroc is not a website for ads, we are a consigment shop + active selling.
Consigment : pilots leave equipment at our shop, we sell it for them
For selling, Paratroc is EASIER, FASTER and SAFER !
- easy : we take care of everything from control to payment
- fast : we sell all year long and ship in all Europe. We sell hundreds of wings, hernesses, reserves... per year
- safe : no risk about tricky deal or payment, we guarrantee payment to the seller
The reasons why :
- a shop in Doussard, Lac d'Annecy (best french spot)
- big stock at one place (easy for buyer to choose)
- a website with realtime updated lists
- advice and experience
- safe transaction : for seller (guarrantee of payment) for buyer (3 months guarrantee on used products)
Safer for seller :
- safe transaction (Paratroc garantees payment)
- ethics (matching buyers skills)
- Shipping insurance (in case the shipping company looses your product)
What kind of products does Paratroc sell ?
We only accept products in good condition and wings have to be checked. 
We don't sell used helmets, flying suits, shoes...
Steps for selling used paragliding equipment at Paratroc :
Procédure pour vendre du matériel en dépôt-vente chez PARATROC (Voir conditions de dépôt-vente) :
1. Fulfill the sell-form
2. Call Paratroc in order to confirm if material can be sold and at what price.
3. Print sell-form in 2 exemplars (one for seller – one for Paratroc).
4. Bring your material or send it by post with the form
5. Pay by card deposit costs and control (if needed)
6. We call you or send an email when we receive your equipment (we confirm price after check).
7. We sell your equipment as fast as possible
8. We pay you the product by bank transfer (or cash at Shop), sell-price minus our commission
If you sell your equipment yourself, we take no commission
We set selling price according to model, wear and demand-offer for this kind of product. We have an online rating system.
Services Paratroc
Paratroc services include :
- Reception of your products
- Visual check (with you if you come to the shop)
- Storage (space & insurance) + data processing
- Promotion (web, ads,...)
- Negociation and payment
- Shipping to purchaser
You can take back your equipment any time if you have found a buyer or changed your mind.
Price for our services
Paratroc earns a commission when we sell the product.
When you leave the product at us, we set the selling price and the commission.
Usually, our commission is around 20% on paragliders and 30% on other products.
This commission includes our negociation with buyer (our final commission is often around 10-15%)
In case that we don't sell the product after 6 months, we can lower the price that the seller will receive up to 20% every year.