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funny gift and useful accessory

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For fun or useful accessory ?

Unless you are a woman pilot, we all know how difficult it may be to get a lift to take-off or back home.

this practical, flexible and light board increases your chances ;)

Dimensions : 44 cm x 37 cm (folded making a 8 = 15 cm diametre)

weights : 20 gr

Made in france

colours : blue or orange

we can customize (clubs, spot...) it from 10 units

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    Who is Paratroc ?

    Paratroc - Shop and webstore for paragliding equipment

    The company Paratroc was founded in 2005 and started to exchange used paragliding equipment. The company developed thanks to its profesional skills and its website.

    Paratroc quickly started to sell new equipment aswell and ship worldwide.

    Today, Paratroc is the most famous shop for used equipment in France and one of the most popular websites for paragliding with almost 2 millions visitors per year.

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    The shop test-centre is located 500 meters from the official landing field in Doussard - Lac d'Annecy