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Advance - Lightness 4

xc pod harness

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Advance - Lightness 4

Like the LIGHTNESS 3, only better: the successor of the pod harness classic offers even more comfort, easier handling and a sportier look. The fourth generation of the all-round pod harness remains the perfect companion for long and relaxed cross-country flights. First deliveries are expected at the beginning of June 2024.



The redesigned seat shell makes the LIGHTNESS 4 even more comfortable in flight than the previous model, and promises fatigue-free flying over several hundred kilometres. It can be adjusted for an individual body shape in just a few simple steps. Comfort is further improved by the new harness geometry, which also allows good pilot view, and the supplied windshield, reduces wind chill and wind noise.


The fourth generation brings new features: The entire handling, including the Closure Remember System, has been made even simpler for a relaxed take-off. The newly developed cockpit now has more capacity and is easily accessible in flight. Sufficient storage space is also provided by a 35% larger back compartment and additional compartments under the seat and the foot board.


The LIGHTNESS 4 is designed to meet the diverse demands of cross-country flying, hike-to-fly and vol-biv. The new XC classic meets this sporting requirement with its new colours, and has a modest rear spoiler which improves aerodynamic behaviour and efficiency. The pack size when using the coordinated LIGHTPACK DLS ensures a sleek look on the ground.



The seat shell of the LIGHTNESS 4 has been completely redesigned and adapted to real body shapes using 3D body scans. The centre of gravity and therefore the position of the body has been moved slightly forwards to give even better support for the back. In addition, the comfort foam now rests on the back shell, which further increases comfort in the back area through a "cushion effect" ensuring fatigue-free flying.


The Closure Remember System (CRS) has been revised and optimised for easier handling. The small number of steps required to close the speedbag minimise the risk of forgetting to close the main strap before take-off. In addition, the buckles are now anodised red, making them even more visible for pre-take-off checks.


The LIGHTNESS 4 is supplied with a LIGHTPACK DLS as standard. The two products are perfectly matched and form a compact and very comfortable overall system. With a weight from 620 g, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and a padded back section, the LIGHTPACK DLS combines low weight with maximum comfort.


The cockpit has been completely redesigned and is now even easier to use. For take-off, the press of a button ensures that the contents do not fall out. An additional magnetic catch makes the cockpit easy to open and close in flight. The cockpit panel offers sufficient space and security for your electronics. This new concept does not require volume foam and can be folded up small when packing. The LIGHTNESS 4 is also supplied with a windshield and hook knife.



Pilot height cm 155-172 165-183 178-200
Harness weight kg 3.25 3.47 3.58
Rucksack volume l 81 91 91
Weight rucksack kg 0.62 (81 l) 0.64 (91 l) 0.64 (91 l)
Harness certification EN & NfL / 120 kg EN & NfL / 120 kg EN & NfL / 120 kg

Activity - Paraglider Hike to Fly
Category - Harness Pod Harness
Category Harnesses Brand Advance