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Austrialpin - Stratus Alu

Stratus Alu

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Charge de rupture: approx. 1,800 DaN
poids: 63 g/pc.
Taille: 78 x 55 mm
Intervalle de remplacement: Anuel

The AustriAlpin STRATUS ALU is an aluminium paragliding carabiner with automatic lock for webbing widths of up to 25 mm.

No CE!

During flight, airsport carabiners are exposed to permanently changing loads. By taking measurements at paragliders, the DHV has asserted that these load variations are between ten and more than 110 kg and that they can occur up to 26 times per second.
Construction- and production-conditioned, conventional carabiners exhibit a greater or lesser gate play. The catch of such a carabiner thus becomes actuated by gravity only at tensions between 25 and 110 kg. This means that within the range of the gate play, the carabiner is loaded during flight as if its catch was open.
The thus resulting high dynamic loads make it necessary to replace the carabiner every one- or two years in order to preclude a material fatigue failure.

Poids 125 gr
Catégorie - Accastillage Mousquetons
Catégorie Mousquetons Marque Advance

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